Friday, 15 July 2011

What if: Isaac Newton Never Discovered Gravity

Every body knows good old Isaac Newton. If you don't and you're in high school go back to your Physics books and get serious with your life, or you can just stay on this page to find out, your choice(preferably stay here, I need followers :) ) Now back to business.
Isaac Newton is known as the father of modern physics. His discoveries and experiments have had a huge impact on the world we know today. Without him many of the things we take for granted today would not have even been here. Most famously was his discovery of gravity.
It's actually quite amazing that for so long no one had ever taken the time to find out why things fall. It was a daily occurrence and yet no one really cared. That's actually what makes a difference between a genius and the average man. He saw something where no one saw anything. Surprisingly according to "legend" and personal accounts, his initial push into studying the world around him happened while he was lazily sleeping under an apple tree and an apple fell on him (or his head, either way it's still funny).
The following are some of the important work by Newton

  • Gravitational force(Think thing falling down, rocket launches and satellites)
  • Universal Laws of Motion(fast cars, friction)
  • Set the Laws of Motion of all things in the Universe
  • Came up with the Binomial Theorem (math, think expanding cubic equations)
  • One of the Creators of Calculus (the other being  Gottfried Leibniz)
  • White Light consisted of seven different colors (think rainbows, television)
  • Mirror Telescope (This basic model is used by some of the most powerful telescopes in the world today)
So if Isaac Newton never made his discoveries, in theory there would be a less likelihood of
  • Fast modern vehicles
  • Television and Television Satellites
  • Modern Powerful Telescopes
  • No word for pressure
  • No description for light
  • No description for sound waves
  • No possible way to connect distance and velocity or velocity and acceleration
  • Hard Physics test
  • Hard Math Tests
Personally I have no problem with the last two. My school life would definitely have been easier.

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