Friday, 15 July 2011

What If: Animals Thought and Talked Like us

This is something most of us have thought at least once in our lives (Possibly everyday, who knows). Imagine if Animals thought and talked like us. Do you think we would be the dominant species we are now? Do you think we would have so much control over the world that we do now. If you ask me, I don't think so.

I'm going to group possibilities into best and worst case scenarios for us I mean. 

Best Case Scenario 

  • We would all live in harmony, kind of like Adam and Eve in Eden.
  • It could be relatively easy to discover more about our world.
  • We would be more understanding to other species.
Worst Case Scenario (Realistic)
  • Man would be the furthest thing from the most dominant. Most likely the bigger creatures of the world would take over(elephants, giraffes, rhinos). Think about it, they would realize how big they are and use this to their advantage and control other animals.
  • There would be a serious case of specism (like racism but among different species)
  • There would be almost no swear words to use, since most swear words are somehow related to animals, think about it.
  • Global Warming would be at an all time high, there are over six billion people killing the planet now. Think about every single species wanting to drive their gas guzzling cars.
  • Fuel shortage. Related to the previous one.
  • Natural Resources would start to diminish at a faster rate because most of the species would all know what to do with them (i.e. know how to process them and they probably would have different needs)
  • Probably every animal would be forced to be vegetarian, even those that are meant to be carnivorous. Think about it, who would want to see their brother or mother caught and eaten.  
I can't think of any more but if you have any other possibilities feel free to comment. 

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